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For the ones that don’t want to know all the transformations available, it is possible to obfuscate JavaScript selecting language targets rather than transformations.

The available targets are:

  • booleans
  • controlFlow
  • functions
  • identifiers
  • numbers
  • objects
  • predicates
  • regularExpressions
  • statements
  • strings
  • variables

For instance if you want to obfuscate functions you’ll just need to enable the target functions. Targets are then converted to the a list of transformations that target that language construct. Transformations for that target are selected randomly and if more transformations are added in the future, those will be added for you without you having to know update the annotations. Obviously, this is not always useful but the more “lazy” will like it.

For instance the following example:

// @jscrambler target functions
function foo () {}

Is the shorter equivalent of:

// @jscrambler enable functionReordering, functionOutlining, functionInlining
function foo () {}