ECMAScript compatibility

This page describes the compatibility of Jscrambler's Code Integrity with ECMAScript versions (i.e., editions of the JavaScript standard). Different versions of Jscrambler support different versions of ECMAScript, so make sure to read the documentation for the version you are using.

Jscrambler Code Integrity fully supports ECMAScript up to ECMAscript 2017 (ES8) and parts of ECMAScript 2018 (ES9). New APIs are generally supported automatically without the need for any updates to Code Integrity, but new syntax features may require updates to be supported.

Support for ECMAScript 2015 (ES6)

Code Integrity supports all of ECMAScript 2015.

Feature Supported Notes
Arrow Functions (=>) Yes
Classes Yes
Enhanced Object Literals Yes
Template Strings Yes Not currently protected*.
Destructuring Yes
Default parameters Yes
Rest parameters Yes
Spread (Functions and Arrays) Yes
let/const Yes
for ... of Yes
Generators (function*/yield) Yes
Modules (import/export) Yes

Support for ECMAScript 2016 (ES7)

Code Integrity supports all of ECMAScript 2016.

Feature Supported Notes
Exponentiation (**) Yes

Support for ECMAScript 2017 (ES8)

Code Integrity supports all of ECMAScript 2017.

Feature Supported Notes
async/await Yes
Trailing Commas Yes

Support for ECMAScript 2018 (ES9)

Code Integrity supports only some parts of ECMAScript 2018.

Feature Supported Notes
Object Rest/Spread Yes
for await ... of No
Async generators (async function*) No
Dot All (/s in regular expression literals) No If you need this feature, you may disable Regular Expression obfuscation or switch to the RegExp string constructor*.


The limitations mentioned in this page are only temporary.