Protection Report

Users protecting their applications may want to have an overview of the protection steps and on how each transformation impacts the final output. This may help on the decision of adding or removing other transformations as well as changing the order of the used ones.

In order to see the reports of your protections, head over to Jscrambler's Dashboard, hover over the desired application and click See Protection History.

See protection history

You'll be directed to the Protection History screen.

Protection History

Then, click on a protection in the protection's list and you'll be able to see the Protection Report.

Protection Report

This report provides a Protection Summary and a Graph of the growth after each transformation. The user can hover or select the graph points and get detailed information about a specific transformation.

Protection Summary

By default, the table on this section displays some important information on the protection result:

  • App Size
  • Growth %
  • Number of Nodes
  • File with Largest Growth Rate
  • File with Smallest Growth Rate

Protection Summary

With that users will know right away if the growth is aligned with their expectations. Besides that it is also possible to know the most and less affected files in terms of growth.

Protection details

Hovering a point on the graph displays a short description of the corresponding transformation and some stats for that stage of the protection.

  • App Size - Application size after the transformation
  • Growth % - Growth percentage comparing with the last transformation
  • No. of Nodes - Number of nodes after the transformation
  • File with Largest Growth Rate
  • File with Smallest Growth Rate

Transformation Summary

Clicking on the same point sticks the details in the information table.

At any time the user can go back to displaying the Protection Summary by clicking on the link below the table (Show protection summary).

Graph Overview

The protection graph displays an overview of the global growth of the application through the transformation process.

The first point is always placed at 0% and displays the original project stats. From there the line can go below 0 if the code is optimized (file size) or over if the code grows when the transformation is applied.

The subsequent points are placed on the overall growth of the app and the last one displays the information of the last transformation applied and being them the last it also represents the final size of the protected application.

Protection cost graph

Code Annotations

Code Annotations are applied after the transformations enabled for the whole file, therefore, it is possible that there is a deviation between the result of the last transformation displayed in the Protection Report and the final size.

How To Improve Performance And Limit The Growth Of Your Files

You can make use of different Jscrambler features (such as Code Annotations) in order to improve performance and limit the impact of Jscrambler's protection. You can find more information about this in this blog post.