Web Application Usage

By default Source Maps are disabled. Please use this feature with care, sending the Source Maps to production will expose your original code to everyone.

Enabling Source Maps

To enable Source Maps in Jscrambler's Web Application you will need to:

1. Go to the Web Application's Dashboard

2. Click on View App button on your application

view app

3. On the top right corner, you will find a cogwheel under Application Settings, click on it and then click on Source Maps checkbox

source-maps checkbox

From now on that option will be active for all protection requests you do for that specific application (until you turn it back off).


Source Maps will include the original source code embedded in the source map file. This is the default behavior and the only behavior available in the Web Application. If you wish the Source Maps not to include the source code, please consider using our API. You can find more information about using Jscrambler's API and Source Maps here.

Downloading the Source Maps

1. Go to the Web Application's Dashboard

2. Click on See Protection History link on your application:

view app

3. In the Application Protections table click on the desired protection's id to open the protection's details:

view app

4. Finally, on the top right click on Download Source Maps:

download *source maps*

Please keep in mind that to load Source maps into the Browser's Dev tools you'll have to automate this last step: Including Source Maps with your JavaScript files.

Merging other Source Maps with Jscrambler's

In order to merge Source Maps from previous compilations (e.g., Webpack bundling, TypeScript transpilation, etc) with Jscrambler's, upload the Source Maps alongside with your JavaScript source code. You can do so by clicking the Add button on the top left corner of your application's file tree.

upload file

After uploading both files a map icon will show up indicating that there is a Source Map file associated with the file.

file with source-map associated

Then you just need to protect your application and download the Source Maps as explained in the previous section.