Last updated on

14 May 2024

Versions tested

0.57.1 ● 0.59 ● 0.62 ● 0.64 ● 0.66 ● 0.68.2 (iOS) ● 0.71.6 (Android) ● 0.74.1 (Android)

React Native is a React-based open-source mobile application framework developed by Facebook. Applications built with React Native look and feel native because they use the same controls that other native applications use, instead of HTML/CSS simulations in embedded web pages.

The purpose of this documentation is to explain how to integrate Jscrambler with React Native and go through the steps that should be taken to ensure a smooth integration process.

This document assumes you already have some knowledge of the framework and how to build a project. Still, if you have any doubts, please read this official getting started guide.

The React Native guide suggests two approaches: one based on the Expo CLI, recommended for programmers with a web background, and one based on the React Native CLI, recommended for programmers with a native development background. If you are using Expo CLI, you need to eject your project to be able to use Jscrambler (more information here).

The Example

We created an adapted version of the React Native Grocery List App, which is an example of a simple React Native application prepared with React Native CLI.

You can use this project as an example to test all procedures listed here.